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Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. is a service provider who specializes in inspection, testing, training, consulting and non-destructive testing on lifting devices throughout the industry.  Our company provides comprehensive services to our many customers who own and support their individual fleets.  Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. utilizes state of the art equipment and have highly trained and certified ASNT-TC-1A Level II technicians who are trained in the fields of; electrical, mechanical and hydraulic services as well as non- destructive testing methods and procedures.

Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. is a national company that can respond to your specific needs anywhere your equipment is located.  Our team of highly trained inspectors and instructors are available to provide your company with a professional service that will meet your needs without excessive cost or unnecessary testing services that could be performed on your fleet.  Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. has technicians strategically located in Arizona, Washington, Hawaii and Texas.  Plus, we have the capability of locating technicians anywhere in the U.S.A.

Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc.’s service is designed to provide professional support to your company’s safety program to ensure your fleet meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI regulations and will enhance your maintenance and preventative maintenance programs for the future.  We have technicians strategically located throughout the country who can provide inspections in a timely and professional manner and we look forward to supporting your testing needs.

Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. takes great pride in the fact that our managers and support team are highly trained and qualified professional who are committed to supporting your testing needs.


Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc.


P.O. Box 75986
Phoenix, Arizona 85087

602-321-4808 Arizona
808-721-1001 Hawaii
888-869-7102 fax


preferredaerialtechnology@cox.net  e-mail

Training, Mobile, truck crane, technicians, lift testing, aerial crane, fire equipment, Acoustic Emision

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