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Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines.  The standards, A92.2, A10.30, ANSI B30.5 and B30.10, Federal and State OSHA regulations and Manufacturers safety requirements set forth the minimum test requirements that must be considered and built into quality assurance programs for vehicle mounted aerial devices to provide safe and proper operations.  The standard includes user responsibilities for periodic inspection; and at a minimum the owner/user is to provide the following:  loading, stability, visual inspections and dielectric testing of insulated units.

Our services can include:

bulletAcoustic emission
bulletDielectric testing (AC/DC) of fiberglass booms, basket liners, oil, and live line tools
bulletMagnetic particle and/or dye penetrate test of critical welds and castings
bulletUltrasonic inspection of accessible pins
bulletVisual/operational inspection
bulletDrift test
bulletX-Ray of fiberglass components
bulletGamma ray of metal components

Preferred Aerial Technology, Inc. is an unbiased, completely independent third party specializing in non-destructive testing of aerial devices.  We will provide the best and most cost-effective program for compliance with the standards and your individual requirements.  Additionally, we can assist you in the design of your in-house inspection programs.

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